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About Midnight Plow Boys

Midnight Plow Boys is a small privately owned and operated business that specializes in two things: snow removal and and repairing lawn and power equipment.

We are fully insured and registered to do business in the State of Maryland. The owner is a native to the area. He grew up here and has watched the community grow and flourish. With over twelve years of retail experience in the power sports industry, the philosphy which endures is that customer service is key. With this goal in mind Midnight Plow Boys limits their services to a 20-mile radius from Rockville, MD. We first started plowing snow in 2002 while working for a local landscaping company. In 2005 we struck out and bought our first truck. Since this time we have continued to grow and have been providing quality and timely snow removal for a growing number of commercial customers. We realize that every customer and every property is unique and we diligently strive to meet every customers needs. Some of our current commercial properties for snow removal include private schools, churches, and many retail businesses. Check with one of our many satisfied customers who selected us to maintain their property and/or repair their lawn & garden equipment. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote for snow removal services or to perform repairs or maintenance on your lawn and garden equipment. Just give us a call at 240-731-6699 and ask for Eric.

    Snow Removal

    Snow removal or snow clearing is the job of removing snow after a snowfall to make travel.

    Snow Plowing

    Removing snow & ice from outdoor surfaces, typically those serving transportation purposes.


    De-icing is defined as removal of existing snow, ice or frost from a roadway, airport runway.

    Salting & Sanding

    Chemical application of salt or other ice melting chemicals. Anti-icing is treatment with ice.

    6+ Great Employees

    913+ Satisfied Clients

    835+ Roads Cleared

    207+ Businesses Remain Open

    did you know
    • Did you know...?

      Call and text. We're not suggesting that you make calls and text while shoveling snow, but it is important to have your cell phone on you so you can make a call in event of an emergency.

    • Did you know...?

      Take a few minutes to stretch. Shoveling snow is a workout so you need to stretch to warm up your muscles particularly because you are shoveling snow in the cold weather. Stretching before you start shoveling will help prevent injury and fatigue.

    • Did you know...?

      Watch your feet. No you aren't on Dancing with the Stars, but nonetheless, you need to pay attention to what's on your feet when heading outdoors to shovel snow. SIMA suggests wearing quality outdoor winter wear such as waterproof boots with good traction. Good traction is critical to ensuring that you don't slip and fall.